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No more waiting in lines at the local car wash! Our mobile setup includes on-board water and electrical systems, allowing us to operate in most situations, all at your convenience! 

Cars - Trucks - SUV - Watercraft - Motorcycle - Recreational Vehicle - ATV/UTV, Etc.!

315 Mobile Detail

What To Expect

We aren’t satisfied until you are. For that reason, our experienced Mobile Detail Technicians will complete a pre-and-post multi-point inspection of your vehicle, ensuring that all expectations are addressed and met with your satisfaction. Further, your Mobile Detail Technician is available to answer all questions and concerns.


Exterior Detail


Our exterior process begins with a pre-rinse or pre-wash to remove larger contaminations, followed by a polymer-based wash, which bonds to and removes residual contaminants. The exterior process is finalized with a wax or sealant, creating a, slick, brilliant  shine and hydrophobic protective finish! 

Starting @ $99.99

Paint Protection Upgrade (Replaces Wax Application w/ 6mo. Sealant) & Trim Restoration  +$24.99

*Ceramic Upgrades Available

Interior Detail


The inside of your car will shine just as much as the outside! Your Mobile Detail Technician will come in contact with 100% of your vehicles vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces during this process.  All surfaces will be prepped, cleaned & protected; included is carpet & upholstery vacuum, spot clean and/or steam clean. 

Starting @ $149.99

Vinyl, Carpet & Upholstery Protective Upgrade  +$24.99

Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection / Ceramic Coating

Wax, sealants & coatings offer numerous paint protection properties, although each with their own specifics. At a minimum, your mobile detail technician will apply wax or sealant with any exterior package to provide your vehicle with paint protection and a mirror-like finish for up-to 6-months. Ceramic paint protection upgrades are available with all exterior services.

Upgraded paint protection is available 

2-Year Graphene Ceramic @ $124.99

7-Year Graphene Ceramic @ $199.99


Paint Enhancement / Correction

Paint Correction / Paint Chip Repair

As an add-on service, paint correction will remove most minor scratches, swirls and other paint imperfections. Your Mobile Detail Technician will use one and two step methods, depending on the overall paint condition, to bring new life to your vehicles paint surface. To finish, a hydrophobic protective sealant is applied to your vehicles paint surface for continued durability and protection. Paint correction is recommended, but not necessary with all ceramic package add-ons.

Starting @ $99.99. 

Other Services

Boats / Watercraft





Gunwales to water-line: Oxidation removal, swirl and scratch removal and gel-coat surface sealant applied

Remainder of hull: Oxidation and scum-line removal. 

Starting @ $19.99/lf

*Ceramic upgrade available


All top-side surfaces are prepped, cleaned and protected, including mold/mildew removal from all vinyl and fiberglass surfaces.

Starting @ $9.99/lf

Cabins / Cuddy / V-Deck Starting @ $99.99

Recreational Vehicles / Trailers

Exterior Only

Oxidation removal, swirl and scratch removal and gel-coat surface sealant applied. Includes roof and awning; mold/mildew and black streak removal.

Starting @ $19.99/lf

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